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The Skull Druggery marching on...

The Skull Druggery marching on…

And I survived.

For those of you who are a little rusty on what a Deep Space Transport can do.. let me sum it up for you:

Next to nothing.

However.. it is VERY important to realize that it ISN’T nothing.  It does have a decent, though still relatively weak Tech 2 tank.  It also comes with a +2 Warp Strength bonus, a rare bonus to be sure.  And to be fair, pretty nice to have against small gate camps.

Anyways, today I found a wormhole from our null-sec system that goes into high-sec, just a few jumps from Amarr.  But, it isn’t a direct one.  I have to go through two wormhole systems to get there.  I have some stuff I wanna sell, but I feel a bit daring tonight, so instead of running a blockade runner, I pull out my Deep Space Transport, or DST.  My current DST fit is this:

[Mastodon, Skull Druggery]
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II
Reactor Control Unit II

Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
Large Ancillary Shield Booster, Cap Booster 150
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Prototype Cloaking Device I

Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I

I figured it was a pretty good, but old fit, particularly for a ship that is outclassed by just about everything, including Tech 1 industrials.  Now, I make my run, checking out the wormhole stability at each juncture, get to Amarr, sell my stuff, do a bit of industry and decide that just to be safe, I’ll switch out the cloak for a Scan Probe Launcher.  Nothing fancy.  Getting out of the Amarr station was chaotic as usual, but after a little warp off I was able to continue my journey home, with a cargo hold full of some basic PVP modules and ammo that I was needing.

I get to the system and jump back into wormhole space.  A quick D-scan shows me the previous ships on saw on the way through, nothing new.  So I warp to the first juncture point.. right into a pull bubble.

Two stealth bombers, a Manticore and a Nemesis decloak and start lighting me up.  Both are just hugging my ship and their dual scrams and a web are making my ship crawl to just 47 m/s.  The pull bubble had dragged me 20km from the wormhole exit I needed.  Torpedoes hammer my poor transport as I orient myself to what is going on.

However, they weren’t chewing me up.  Despite my slow speed and their close range, the Mastodon’s signature radius and tech 2 shield resists made the DST a little more tougher than they anticipated.  So, I kept plodding back to the wormhole, each 1 km change a celebration as I passed back out of the bubble.

Seeing as they weren’t going to be breaking my tank anytime soon, the Manticore pilot waved off and warped away to get another ship.  Unfortunately for them, that meant they no longer had me locked down.  The +2 Warp strength bonus allowed me to show them my backside as I warped away to a nearby planet.  I could just imagine the curses going through their comms.

The Nemesis pilot delayed (probably because he was dual boxing) and warped to the same planet I did.. but at zero.. a good 70km from me.  I was already aligned to another celestrial and was almost in warp when he arrived.  He started to pursue, but appeared to give up.

I warped to my intended celestrial, got a new angle on the wormhole exit I needed and jump right to it.  Just as I entered the wormhole, I see a Caracal drop out of warp, also right on the wormhole.  I knew the Caracal probably didn’t have the ability to hold me down long enough to kill me or for me re-enter the wormhole, so as soon as the next wormhole system loads up, I flip my DST to the wormhole exit to my home and painfully watch as that elephant of a ship careens over to the right direction.  The speed meter was like molasses as it tried to gain speed for warp.  I hear the sound of a ship exiting the wormhole.  The speed is showing 40%.. 50%.. 60%… 70%…

The Caracal decloaks.

And I almost yell, “Ooohhh shiiii.. YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” as my DST makes it to 75% and goes into warp.  I call up my alliance in comms, asking to see who would be in local.  I land at my exit and jump through, not even taking the time to D-Scan because it really wouldn’t change anything at this point.

Again, I turn that ship towards my home station, my ears tuned to any wormhole sounds.  Nothing.  My ship speeds up to 75%.  Still Nothing.  And it remained nothing even as I docked the Skull Druggery into her hanger, safe and sound.. with only a few dings in that Minmatar hull.

There was a sigh of relief, and a bit of patting myself on the back.  It’s not every day you survive a gate camp with a bubble supported by two DPS Stealth Bombers who have you locked down so much that all you can do is go 40 m/s.  Today just happened to be that one day.