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Sometimes, its good to listen to others.

Sometimes, its good to listen to others.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Dirt Nap Squad is known for two things:  Black Ops Hotdrops and a Rabid Defense of the Hale Constellation.  We really like our Hale Constellation.  We even put flowers up an’ everything.

So, when a new alliance, Negative Waves, decided to come by and lay it down.  Well, such an invitation requires an answer

We had sent our scout ahead, and he managed to get a couple NegWas to engage him in his Maller.  That sprung the rest of our fleet to come in and engage.  Unfortunately, they took down the Maller just as we landed on station.  But NegWas were in a mood for a fight.  And so were we.

We landed in their bubble, just off of station, and edged in closer.  We went after the Blackbird, then switched to the Stabber Fleet Issue.  After the Stabber went down, then we switched back.  NegWas support wasn’t prepared and their Blackbird was out.

By that time, NegWas pilots were bringing out their best ships, and an Archon and an Apocolypse laid waste to one of our Exequrors.  Unfortunately for them, that was the last ship they were able to take down.

Our FC kept control and with NegWas fielding two Archons, we started switching targets.  This was smart because it used the Archon’s low scan resolution against them.  The NegWas were also hampered by their kitchen fleet as it seemed that they were throwing whatever they had against us.  A NegWas Arty Rupture and a Railgun Moa fell apart at our close range.  Apparently they were trying to warp out to a Ferox that was 120km off of station, to try and snipe us.  But with both sides dropping bubbles, they weren’t getting away.

Their FC, wanting to get a high value target, went after one of the HACs.  They went after me, in my Sacrilege.  Now that was probably the turning point of the fight.  My ship was HAM fitted and heavily tanked, so I had to remain close to my targets.  This put me in range of a Pilgrim’s (or some other ship’s) neuts.  I fought hard, and with some stellar reps from Vlad (who lost his ship early), and Danius Arbosa, I felt like I tanked much of the enemy fleet’s DPS for five full minutes.  It turns out I actually did.  The DPS didn’t let up until the Apoc blew.

At that point, their fight was done.  We cleaned up a few of their pods that weren’t smart enough to dock, and we went on our way while they docked up and licked their wounds.  Yeah, we like to say “Hello”.  (Seriously though, great fight, and props to Negative Waves for bringing it.)

But apparently, they weren’t that needed a house call.

On the way back home, we ran into a group of Fraternity. HACs.  We initial thought they had just ran away, but apparently they came back in hopes of snagging a straggler or two.  Instead, not only did they lose two HACs, but they lost two pods as well.

This Pod and this pod.

Oh yeah.. they were VERY unhappy.  I think they’ll avoid our stragglers from now on.

We got it all on video too.  I put another post up when it’s ready.