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Time To Pimp Out My Astero…

So, here is today’s blog on the exploration changes coming in Phoebe.  The quick version is this:  Data Sites are going to be worth more.

Here’s why:

  • Common Loot is being reduced in size, from 1.0 to 0.5.
  • Drop frequency of Faction POSes is going to be increased.
  • Drop frequency of ‘Optimized’ decryptors is going to be increased.
  • Faction Materials Added to Loot Tables.
  • Industrial Goods Added to Loot Tables.

In general I like the changes.  But specifically, I find them lacking.

Change Number One:  Common Loot is So Common

First off, let me say that reducing the size of the common loot is a good idea.  But reducing it to 0.5 isn’t going to make me put it in my hold.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed for me to put it in my hold at 0.1 m3.  The value of this common loot is only going to decrease, not increase because the Encryption Methods that use this loot never expire.

Second, their value wasn’t good to begin with and if you are pressed for space (which you still will be, even with these cut in half), you are always going to drop these for better value items like datacores and decryptors.

Change Number Two: Drop Frequency of Faction POSes

When I first went into the new exploration sites, I got a faction POS, like the first or second time out.  I constantly do relic and data sites daily, and I have yet to see another faction POS.  So, I am glad for this change, and this will be a potential moneymaker, especially now that I am improving my own personally industrial capacity.

Change Number Three: Drop Frequency of ‘Optimized’ Decryptors

I also like this change quite a bit.  Because I do lots of data and relic sites, this will definitely improve my overall income and industrial construction base.  I don’t foresee this impacting the market very much outside of slightly reducing the cost of Tech 2 ships and modules.

Change Number Four: Faction Materials Added to Loot Tables

Okay.  Clearly new content here because I don’t know what in Eve currently uses faction materials.  In fact here is the list of materials:

  • Angel Simple Trigger Mechanism
  • Angel Advanced Trigger Mechanism
  • Angel Spatial Analyzer
  • Angel Standard Trigger Mechanism
  • Angel Dynamic Calibrator
  • Blood Raider Weapon Integration Unit
  • Blood Raider Limited Ballistic Control
  • Blood Raider Regular Ballistic Control
  • Blood Raider Extreme Ballistic Control
  • Blood Raider Power Redistributor
  • Guristas Gravity Focuser
  • Guristas Medium Weapon Console
  • Guristas Light Weapon Console
  • Guristas Graviton Hardening
  • Guristas Heavy Weapon Console
  • Serpentis Complex Target Guider
  • Serpentis Plain Target Guider
  • Serpentis Basic Target Guider
  • Serpentis Multi-tasking Processor
  • Serpentis 3D Scanner Gamut

Boy, these seems strangely familiar in wording to rig salvage.  I wonder, are we going to see faction rigs now?  No idea, just a wild guess.

Change Number Five: Industrial Goods added to Loot Tables

Well, well, another interesting addition to the list that seems to hint at new content.  Here is what is being added in this way:

  • High-Tech Data Chip
  • High-Tech Scanner
  • High-Tech Small Arms
  • High-Tech Manufacturing Tools

Now, I know these are used for something, but what that is escapes me.  For example, the High-Tech Small Arms sell for between 625 isk to 14mil isk.  Why I have no idea. High-tech Manufacturing tools sell for between 6000 to 20000 isk.  High-Tech Data Chips currently are 795 to 3000.  High-tech Scanners round out around 2000 isk a piece.  These things have no velocity in the market, until the blog came out and now buy orders are out for these.. currently useless items.

There’s A Party Up In Herr..

Overall good changes for a exploration guy like me.  Crius opened up the ability for me to build the BPCs I find, expand my invention capability, as well as increase my wallet.  And now Phoebe is going to give me more things to build and sell.  And Iw won’t be the only one to notice it either.

So I can expect:

  • More Isk coming my way
  • More, but less skilled, Competitors and most importantly..
  • .. more targets.

Oh, Phoebe is going to be fun..